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Coupon Rules

Coupons allow you to save 30% off your order from the Reviewno1.com. Coupons are offered for eBooks from our site that are purchased using ClickBank. The order number from ClickBank will be the coupon code. Sales made through other sales processors will not enable you to receive a coupon code.

How do I receive my coupon?

1 – Go to the sales page and click the order link or order button.

2 – If you are redirected to the ClickBank sales processor, you will see page like this:

3 – Finish the order process. On the next page you will see a ClickBank sale notification. Please save your order number. (You will also receive an email with the sale notification and order number.) The ClickBank order number contains 8 symbols such as 5EB49CRT.

4 – When you have read the eBook – return to our website and leave a review. Enter the ClickBank order number as name, and enter your paypal ID as email (we’ll give 25% of your money back to you via paypal). Submit your review just like the picture below:

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